Preservación de la fertilidad

Preservation of fertility in women


A hormonal stimulation of the ovaries is performed to obtain mature oocytes (metaphase II) which are subsequently vitrified (frozen) and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196 ° C.


  • For social reasons: it allows the woman to stop their reproductive capacity in time
  • Medical indications: cancer treatments (radiotherapy and chemotherapy)

What is needed?

Possess an adequate age and ovarian reserve

Preservación de la fertilidad - Vitrificación de óvulos

Semen Freezing

What is semen freezing?

Semen cryopreservation is a technique that allows sperm to be kept alive indefinitely, making it possible to preserve fertility in men. To do this, the samples are gradually cooled and stored in liquid nitrogen at -196ºC.

When is semen freezing recommended?

  • Prior to vasectomies
  • Prior to genital surgeries
  • Prior to chemotherapy treatments
  • Other causes

What is needed?

Depending on the semen parameters and quality (concentration, motility, presence/absence of sperm, etc.), one or more samples should be obtained.

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