Assisted Reproductive Treatments Intracytoplasmic Micro-injection of Morphologically Selected Sperms (IMSI)

The IMSI technology is a fertility treatment used to select the sperms which are the most capable of forming embryos.

The cytoplasm micro-injection of sperms (ICSI) consists of introducing, by using a micro-needle, a sperm in the egg cytoplasm.

Thanks to a 40 x vision compared to the ICSI, the IMSI technique helps us make a more accurate selection of safe sperms showing greater chances of success (increase in the embryo quality and implantation rate and reduction to half in the risk of abortion).

Our assisted reproduction clinic has an Advanced Micromanipulation Station LEICA AM6000 (there are only 13 in all of Spain) enabling us to zoom the image of sperms by more than 16.000 times (in the case of ICSI, we can only zoom up to 400 times). Thanks to this technology, and none dubbed as Super ICSI, we can view certain alterations within the sperms (DNA fragmentation signs) and therefore select those with the best conditions to form embryos with the most optimum quality guarantying the most chances of success.

The IMSI is recommended, in our assisted reproduction centre, in case of repeated failures during the preliminary In Vitro Fertilization cycles (performed with the “classic” technique or by ICSI), to patients suffering from infertility (multiple abortions) or in male factor cases, such as moderate or serious sperm alterations.

Last Update: 08/09/2014
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