Assisted reproductive treatmentsIntracytoplasmic Micro-Injection of Sperms (ICSI)

The ICSI, indicated in severe male factors, is a technique largely applied in assisted reproduction laboratories.

The Intracytoplasmic micro-injection of sperms consists of introducing, by using a micro-needle, a sperm in the egg cytoplasm. This complex process requires a lot of experience from the team of biologists.

After the ovulation stimulation and the follicle insertion during an In Vitro Fertilization cycle, we find, process and strip (“wash”) the oocytes that will finally be used in the micro-injection.

Only the oocytes having achieved the metaphase-II will be micro-injected (mature). The sperm micro-injection operation is technically very complicated and diagrammatically, consists of fixing the oocyte, collecting a sperm which was immobilized beforehand, and then introducing it in the egg cytoplasm without damaging it in the least bit. All this is done with a micromanipulator. After the micro-injection, the oocytes are stored in a biological incubator adjusted to 37ºC, containing a anhydride concentration of carbon and a humidity rate similar to the human body.

The ICSI is essentially implemented if the formation of embryos fails during the In Vitro Fertilization cycle performed by using a “classic” technique and in severe male factor cases. Our assisted reproduction center still performs this technique as a protocol (except if the IMSI is indicated).

Last Update: 05/09/2014
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