Embryo Adoption - Embryoadoption

Embryo adoption – Embryotraining

What is Embryo Adoption?

In embryo adoption, an embryo is thawed from the bank, usually donated by another couple. They are then transferred to the uterus to continue their development.

When is Embryo Adoption recommended?

  • Low ovarian reserve
  • Significant semen alteration or Azoospermia
  • Genetic or chromosomal alteration
  • Women without a male partner
  • Repeated embryo implantation failures
  • Previous failures of assisted reproduction techniques


What is needed?

  • Normal uterine cavity


This technique has similar indications to egg donation. The difference is that the embryo is already formed and vitrified in the embryo bank.

Patients decide to “adopt” donated embryos from other couples (Embryo Bank) or embryos formed by the gametes of an oocyte donor and sperm from the bank (see Egg Donation Program). Pregnancy rates are about 60%.


Embryo Adoption Technique:

A- Endometrial preparation of the recipient mother

Unlike other assisted reproduction treatments, the recipient woman performs a simple hormonal treatment for the proper preparation of the endometrium (cavity of the uterus where the future embryo will be implanted). Hormone treatment can be administered orally, vaginally or through transdermal patches and requires 1 or 2 ultrasound controls.

B- Embryo transfer:
It is performed on an outpatient basis and does not require any type of anesthesia. It consists of the introduction, with ultrasound guidance, of the embryo with a catheter through the cervix to deposit it approximately 1.5 cm from the uterine fundus.


Last update: 09/09/2014


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