Diagnóstico Prenatal 4D Obstetrical Ultrasound

Our Pre-natal Diagnosis specialists are extremely well trained at the technical and at the human level. The 4D ultrasound is added to our tests currently carried out in our Pre-natal Diagnostic Unit and it’s included within the pregnancy monitoring protocol of our fertility clinic.

The 4D ultrasound (3D-4D ultrasound) offers you the possibility to contemplate on the life of your baby before its birth: if it smiles, yawns, opens its eyes, if it is sound asleep; to know your child, feel the emotions, see it move, even detect the first resemblances.

4D obstetrical ultrasound (three dimensional in real time)

It is absolutely normal that the future parents become impatient to know the physiognomy of their child. Various studies have been carried out to suggest that the possibility to do it before the birth of the child reinforces the emotional link.

It’s one of the main functions of the Ultrasound 4D, and it’s carried out in the same way as a traditional ultrasound, but it’s used to obtain images of the fetus in three dimensions (3D ultrasound) and in real time (4D ultrasound).

The zoom-in view of the movements of the future baby helps us observe his behavior in the uterus.

Performed between the 26th and 32nd week of pregnancy, the 4D ultrasound is used to obtain high quality images which appear very true, that we will then hand over to you in a DVD.

The 4D ultrasound, except if otherwise specified by the gynecologist is not used for diagnosis or as support during the pregnancy, and it does not substitute the normal ultrasound tests.

At Procrear, we make sure, during the entire period, to obtain the best 3D and 4D ultrasound images and videos. We commit, in case the position of the baby is not the most appropriate one, to repeat the 4D ultrasound session on another day, without any additional cost.

Last Update: 09/09/2014
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