Obstetric Pre-conception consultation

Whatever you want to know before getting pregnant.
Procrear recommendations.

The purpose consists of integrally evaluating the health of the future mother, her antecedents, the current diseases, her psychic and physical state; to also recommend pharmacological supplements (folic acid, iron, calcium, iodine, etc.) and, to finish, plan the best time to get pregnant.

This consultation is particularly indicated in the following cases:

  • Women showing obstetric antecedents and negative reproductions.
  • Couples showing risks of genetic diseases (personal or family antecedents).
  • Women suffering from a serious or chronic disease.
  • Women from 35 years.

The general recommendations for women wanting to get pregnant are:

  • Stop or reduce alcohol and tobacco.
  • Do not take any medicines if there is a delay in the periods.
  • To get vaccinated, if required, against tetanus, hepatitis B and Rubella.
  • Appropriate physical activity.
  • Reduction of excess weight.
  • Adoption of a balanced diet.
  • Pre-conception medical consultation
Last Update: 09/09/2014
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