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Maternal breast feeding

Maternal breast feeding is considered as the best form of food, and the most secure for your child. She should start as soon as possible after delivery. The mother should slightly increase her consumption of liquids and calories, particularly of dairy products. She should also abstain from smoking or drinking alcohol, avoid taking any medicine without medical prescription, because almost anything may harm the child by passing through the milk.

Post-partum (quarantine)

During the post-partum, i.e. the next 40 days after delivery, the mother should abstain from all sexual relations. The mother needs to take care of her breasts, by washing her hands and the nipples after each breast feeding session. The uterus secretions or “lochial discharge” are produced at this time.

The mother should follow a balanced diet, monitor the intake of vitamins and iron, ensure a hygiene adapted to episiotomy or scarring of the cesarean.

Although this may vary, the first rule normally appears at the end of the lactation or at the end of the quarantine period during artificial breastfeeding.

You can consult us if any of the following symptoms are shown:

  • High and persistent fever.
  • Intense hemorrhage.
  • Bad smelling lochial discharge.
  • Pain and redness of breasts (possible mastitis).
  • Scars showing a bad aspect.
  • Urine symptoms.

At the end of the quarantine period, she can restart having sexual intercourse. Contact us to know the different contraceptive methods that you can use during this period.

Last Update: 13/09/2014

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