Early prevention and diagnosis Other types of gynecological cancers

Mammographies (breast cancer) and annual gynecological check-ups with a transvaginal ultrasound are used to diagnose these pathologies.

Endometrium cancer (cancer of the uterus)

It occurs in the endometrium, the internal layer of the uterus. For an early diagnosis, the woman undergoes a transvaginal ultrasound, a Doppler ultrasound in color, a 3D or 4D ultrasound, a hysteroscopy or biopsy.

Cancer of the ovary

Although it’s an aggressive cancer which is difficult to diagnose in advance, the transvaginal ultrasound (Doppler in color, 3D and 4D), and tumor markers (blood analysis) help us find it.

Cancer in the vulva

We diagnose it with the help of a vulvoscopy and a biopsy. The treatment depends on each person, the type of tumor and the stage of the disease. It requires an intervention from the gynecologist, the oncologist and other specialists.

Breast cancer

Refer to the section Breast pathology

Last Update: 15/09/2014
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