Sero-discordant couples

The couples where one of the members has an infectious/contagious disease (Hepatitis C or HIV virus) may rely on special assisted reproduction techniques to prevent their contagion.

Human immunodeficiency virus (HIV)

Couples of this group suffering from sterility problems can still use assisted reproduction techniques, but this is applicable to all sero-discordant couples wanting to avoid the risk of contagion to the HIV negative member. The current tendency is as follows: if the man is HIV positive, we wash the sperm, freeze it, and on confirmation of the absence of the virus after washing by PCR, we proceed to an In Vitro Fertilization by ICSI or IMSI; these techniques reduce the risks of transmitting the disease and increase the chances of success.

Hepatitis C Virus (CHV)

If the man is CHV+ve, we recommend the same treatment as in an HIV+ve case. i.e. washing the sperm, freezing it, confirming the absence of the virus after washing by PCR and using the In Vitro Fertilization treatment by ICSI or IMSI. If the woman is highly affected by the CHV+ve virus, we recommend an antivirus treatment before pregnancy.

Hepatitis B Virus (BHV)

In the case of sero-discordant couples, we recommend vaccinating the non-affected member, even during pregnancy.

Last Update: 12/09/2014
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