Early menopause Early ovary dysfunction

It is not a very frequent syndrome which requires a quick diagnostic and treatment.

The natural menopause occurring on an average between 45 and 55 years; we consider that if a woman of less than 40 years stops ovulating regularly, it’s because she’s suffering from early menopause. She may or may not show certain menopause symptoms (breathlessness, insomnia, sweating, etc.)

Family antecedent, i.e. a mother or sister suffering from early menopause, is also important. The diagnostic is established by a hormonal analysis showing a high rate of FSH hormone. Even if we ignore the reason (idiopathic), it is nevertheless recommended to solve the following causes:

  • Genetic (fragile X Syndrome)
  • Auto-immune disease
  • Treatments against cancer (radiotherapy or chemotherapy)
  • Surgery
  • Toxic material

In these cases, the time factor is fundamentally important, along with the fertility tests and the reproduction treatments which should be quickly performed. If the response to the fertility treatment (generally, In Vitro Fertilization) is not good enough, we recommend the oocyte donation treatment in our assisted reproduction center (Oocyte donation program).

Last Update: 11/09/2014
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