Assisted reproductive treatments in special cases Reproductive endocrinology: Anovulation

A complete hormonal study, recommended especially during ovulatory cycle problems, enables us to diagnose alterations requiring the application of a specific treatment.

A regular cycle, lasting between 26 and 36 days, is usually the ovulatory period. The problems of the cycle, whatever they may be, may reduce fertility. The hormonal alterations are one of the main causes of these problems and often require the application of a fertility treatment.

The ovulation is the process which is used to release the mature eggs from the ovary of the woman of fertile age. The dysfunction of this process is the anovulation. Close to 25% of women which cannot conceive a child have ovulatory problems.

There mainly 4 anovulation causes, of which the sterility treatment depends on.

Last Update: 09/09/2014
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