Why choose Procrear?

Medical services for women in the domain of Human Procreation, Gynecology, Obstetric and Prenatal Diagnostics

Why choose Procrear in the domain of medically assisted reproduction?

  • A personalized analysis is performed for each case (for the man and woman).
  • The biological medical team is very experienced in medically assisted reproductive treatments.
  • The medically assisted reproduction laboratory is equipped with the latest technology.
  • Possibility to perform an IMSI (micro injection of morphologically selected sperms).
  • The best results.

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Why choose Procrear in the domain of gynecology?

  • More than 20 years of experience and three generations of gynecologists specializing in health for women.
  • All our gynecologists have been trained in University Hospitals of Level III.
  • Humane and personalized treatments.
  • Programs: prevention of cancer of the cervix, family planning, prevention of gynecological cancer, support during menopause…
  • Complete gynecological test: prevention is better than care.
  • Vast experience in the domain of non invasive surgery (laparoscopy/hysteroscopy): we can solve 90% of the surgical gynecologic pathology in this way, thus reducing the post-operation recovery time.

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Why choose Procrear in the domain of Obstetric?

  • Procrear provides personalized care during your pregnancy. We do everything to make you feel comfortable.
  • We specialize in monitoring pregnancies occurring by medically assisted reproduction techniques.
  • We provide personalized assistance during delivery with the possibility to cryopreserve the mother cells from the umbilical chord for your baby.
  • Natural delivery area: all comforts and security for the birth of your baby.

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Why choose Procrear in the domain of prenatal diagnostics?

  • Procrear has a team of highly trained professionals in prenatal diagnostics and maternal-foetal medicine.
  • We perform amniocenteses for genetic and foetal analyses, high resolution morphological ultrasounds, foetal circulation analyses (color Doppler ultrasound) and 3-4D ultrasounds.
  • Our team consists of specialists in cardiology, pediatrics and congenital heart defects and they perform fetal heart ultrasounds, if required.

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Foreign patients that want to avail of medically assisted reproductive treatments

  • A single visit is required before beginning the treatment.
  • The treatments may be performed with check-ups at your original location.
  • Service of interpretations, welcome at the airports of Barcelona, Reus or Gerona with transport services to the center. Lodging available, if required.

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Section reserved to professionals

Procrear is an “open” medically assisted reproduction center; i.e. we offer medically assisted reproduction andrology and laboratory services to external professionals. You select the degree of collaboration with our center, in each case, or for each type of treatment. If desired, we can take care of the cycle plan until insemination, the tapping, or the transfer of embryo, by doing the ovary simulation and checkups. Of if preferred, you can take care of the stimulation and the checkup and we will perform the insemination or the tapping, the transfer and the IVF laboratory. You can also perform the tapping and/or the transfer of embryos at our center.

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We provide a large number of services: learn about them and visit us.

  • Sterility and infertility analysis.
  • Andrological evaluation.
  • Medically assisted reproductive treatments.
  • In vitro fertilization – IVF
  • Oocyte donation – IVF with donor eggs
  • Artificial insemination.
  • ICSI: micro sperm injection.
  • IMSI: micro injection of morphologically selected sperms.
  • Reproduction surgery.
  • Tubal permeability analysis.
  • General gynecology.
  • Gynecological test.
  • Non invasive surgery (laparoscopy/hysteroscopy).
  • Breast surgery .
  • Menopause and climacteric.
  • Endometriosis.
  • Gynecology endocrinology.
  • Urine incontinence.
  • Pregnancy control.
  • Specialized fetal echocardiogram.
  • Monitoring pregnancies obtained through medically assisted reproduction techniques.
  • Personalized assistance during delivery.
  • Cryopreservation of the mother’s umbilical chord cells.
  • Assistance during natural delivery.
  • Pre-natal diagnostics.
  • 4D Ultrasound.
  • Other services.