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Procrear is an “open” assisted reproduction center, which means that we offer our andrology services and our assisted reproduction laboratory to external professionals.

You decide the degree of collaboration in each case and for each type of treatment. If you want, we can assure the planning process of the cycle up to the insemination, the insertion or the transfer of embryos, by going through the ovary stimulation and the controls. Or, if you prefer, you can take charge of the stimulation and the control, whereas we will take care of the insemination or the insertion, the transfer and the IVF laboratory. Another option would be for you to take care of the insertion and/or transfer of embryos in our installations. We will be available to you for approved consents regard to the treatment protocols. We also offer the collaboration of our Pre-Natal Diagnosis team, our Reproductive and Gynecological Surgery team.

If you want to collaborate with us, write to us so that we know how we can help you:

We present below a summary of services that we can offer.
Assisted Reproduction

Andrology – Urology:

Complete male report.
Testicular ultrasound Doppler in color.
Testicular biopsy – TESE – MESA.
Analysis of Meiosis.
FISH of sperms.
DNA fragmentation of sperms (Tunnel).
Sperm Magnification Test.
Sperm capacity for the artificial insemination.
Sperm bank.

Report for women:

Ovarian reserve.
Analysis of the uterus cavity and tubal permeability by Sonohysterography.
Hysteroscopy (diagnostic, failure of implantation, malformations, polyps, etc.).
Laparoscopy (diagnostic, endometrioses, cysts, malformations, myomectomy, etc.).

Embryo laboratory:

In Vitro Fertilization with ICSI.
In Vitro Fertilization with IMSI.
Freezing the sperm and eggs (preservation of fertility).
Vitrification of embryos.
Oocyte donation.
Donation of embryos.
Special culture for infertile patients (repeated abortions).
Genetic diagnosis of the embryo.
Genetic advice.

Pre-natal diagnosis

Screening ultrasound of the 1st trimester.
Amniocentesis. Noninvasive Prenatal Test in maternal blood
Study of the amniotic liquid with QF-PCR (quick test).
High definition ultrasound (20 weeks).
4D obstetrical ultrasound (DVD – Photos).
3rd trimester ultrasound.
Doppler ultrasound in color.
Fetal echocardiography (from the 16th week).



Extraction of foreign bodies and DIU.
Endometrial polyp.
Submucosal myoma.
Uterus walls and septum.
Fertility report and implantation failure.
Analysis of menstrual alterations.
Endometrial ablation / reduction.


Sterility report and tubal permeability prior to the infertility treatment.
Uterus malformation diagnosis.
Inexplicable pelvic pain.
Tubal ligature.
Cysts and adnexal masses.
Risk of ectopic pregnancy.
Adnexectomy / oophorectomy.
Ovary drilling (polycystic ovaries).
Laparoscopic Hysterectomy.
Vaginal hysterectomy.
Surgery for urine incontinence and pelvic floor.